A list of fitness goals to accomplish throughout your lifetime.
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Fitness Bucket List

1. Run a marathon.
2. Climb a mountain
3. Complete a warrior dash.
4. Skip continuously for 10 minutes.
5. To receive a coast to coast medal from Disney.
6. To be able to do a pull-up.
7. Complete a triathlon.
8. Go to the gym and not be scared.
9. Do yoga.
10. Do gymnastics.
11. To have a collection of running shoes.
12. Do and maintain a back arch.
13. Do a 3 minute plank.
14. Lead the pack in a race.
15. Compete in a 5km.
16. Do track & field.
17. Be a p90x grad.
18. Finish a lifeguarding course.
19. Run the Disney’s Princess half marathon.
20. Beat my brother at arm wrestling.
21. Compete in a tough mudder.
22. Win a cross country race.
23. Learn how to surf.
24. Walk the Kokoda Track
25. Run everyday for a tear.
26. Have calf and arm definition.
27. Be able to run with just a sports bra on.
28. Deadlift, squat, and bench press my body weight.
29. Run every morning with my future husband.
30. Free climb a cliff face.
31. Become a personal trainer.
32. Swim the English Channel.
33. Complete an Iron Man.
34. Become a fitness instructor.
35. Make it to the CrossFit Games.
36. Run a race at Walt Disney World.
37. Climb an apple tree and eat an apple.
38. Dance like no one is watching.
39. Be one of the few girls who finish a tough mudder’s competition.
40. Have better abs than all of the boys.
41. Motivate others to be fit.
42. Run an ultra marathon.
43. Be able to keep up with my military best friend.
44. Complete a Spartan Race.
45. Dance with Beto, Gina, and Tanya at the Zumba Convention.
46. Do 0 gravity yoga.
47. Be able to sing and run on the elliptical at the same time.
48. Reach my goal weight.
49. Be able to do 10 push-ups in a row.
50. Get back down to my fighting weight.
51. Be able to do a 10 minute wall sit.
52. Run on the beach.
53. Run 5km in 30 minutes.
54. Run farther and clock less time.
55. Make it to the Olympics.
56. Hike the Grand Canyon.
57. Climb a rope.
58. Go hiking for a day.
59. Run a race for a cause.
60. Bike through a country.
61. Add more weight than whatever the person in front of you just did.
62. Pin someone in the first round.
63. Go to the gym and not have someone correct me or give me advice.
64. Run a mile in less than 7 minutes.
65. Do a cartwheel.
66. Become a great dancer.